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Money Coach Training, Mentoring and Certification Program Overview

Our mission is to empower people to develop a healthier relationship with money and take control of their finances. If this was that easy, everyone would enjoy financial independence.

Money Coaches are needed to help people identify where they are stuck and why, and provide them with unbiased advice and support to bridge the gap between what they know and what they need to do in order to be able to live the life they deserve.

Our Money Coach training encompasses five core courses to provide you the tools, resources and skills you need to build a successful an predictable Money Coaching practice and effectivelydeliver second-to-none money coaching services, moving clients toward financial independence and peace of mind.

Course #1 – Introduction to the Fundamentals of Money Coaching (2 days)
This course introduces you to the field of money coaching.  You will be empowered to ask and answer the following questions

  • It’s just money. Why does it cause so many problems in people’s lives?
  • The problem with money isn’t about the money. What’s the problem?

This course will teach you to identify the money beliefs that tend to limit us and the behaviors and attitudes concerning money. It will help you demystify these limiting beliefs and adopt new money habits so that you can help clients make conscious money decisions.

Prerequisites: None

Course #2 – Cash Flow Analysis and Debt Management Fundamentals (2 days)
This course teaches you the money management process and the strategies to move clients who are experiencing cash flow or debt challenges from financial struggle to financial stability. You will learn how to collect, analyse and organize financial information and personalize comprehensive easy-to-action plans that integrate client goals, incomes, expenses, liabilities, mortgages, investments and insurance that will help clients achieve their life goals.

Prerequisites: Introduction to the Money Coaching fundamentals

Course #3 – The 5 Phase Evoce™ Process to Deliver Money Coaching Engagements to Clients (1 day)

This course takes the principles and techniques taught in Course #1 and Course #2. It offers a comprehensive case study and the process of how to deliver money coaching engagements to clients. This course brings a certain level of professionalism to your practice and improves your productivity.

Prerequisites: Introduction to the Fundamentals of Money Coaching and Cash Flow and Debt Management Coaching

Course #4 – Learn How to Use the Money Coaching Software Application Effectively (1 day)

This course will teach you how to use the Money Coaching Software Platform to create a debt and cash management plan and communicate the plan in print and electronic form to your clients’ money coach application account.

In addition to creating your client plan, you will learn:

  • How to brand your business
  • How to generate qualified leads to work with
  • How to schedule periodic reviews with your clients without leaving the comfort of your office
  • How to stay in touch with your clients to ensure their success

Prerequisites: Cash Flow and Debt Management Coaching Fundamentals

Course #5 – How to Build a Successful and Predictable Money Coaching Business (1 day)

This course is UNIQUE. You can excel at becoming a Money Coach, but without the ability to generate leads, you won’t be in business for long. This course will teach you how to develop your business plan, detailed marketing strategies and tactics, build a solid referral network, measure your results and take corrective actions to fine tune your business plan to achieve a successful and a predictable money coaching practice.

Prerequisites: None

The Mentoring and Certification Program (4 months)
For candidates who have completed the five core courses and who would like to become a Certified Money Coach, we’ve developed a mentoring and certification program that involves four months of experiential mentorship where you work with clients to apply and hone your money coaching skills. This final program includes:

  • Small group advanced money coaching skills training
  • One-on-one mentoring and supervision of a minimum of 6 client plans
  • Peer review of a minimum of two end-to-end engagements
  • Getting a minimum of 2-3 favorable testimonials from serviced clients

Upon satisfactory completion of the above steps, candidates will be awarded the Certified Money Coach designation and given the optional right to operate under the brand of Money Coach Masters.

Our Mentoring and Certification sessions are limited to 8 participants.
Prerequisites: All Core courses must be taken concurrently.